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Alabama Car Donations
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Since its inception in 1994, Songs of Love has made the world a little bit brighter for more than 20,000 sick children around the country by creating customized, unique songs just for them. Like any 501 (c)(3) charitable organization we accept cash donations but even if you are unable to write a check there is another way that you might be able to help us help sick kids. Alabama car donations may be made directly to Songs of Love. The funds raised when people choose to donate a car in Alabama to Songs of Love go directly toward funding our efforts to uplift kids faced with physical and emotional problems that leave them feeling isolated and alone. What's more, your Alabama car donations are tax deductible within the limits of the law and since you won't have to pay to have that old clunker towed, you're saving even more money than you thought!

To find out more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or take the plunge and click the link in the upper left of the page that reads "Donate Your Car Now". Help us reach out to 20,000 more kids - you'll be glad you did and so will we! Donate a car in Alabama to Songs of Love today!

You can also donate by calling 1-888-909-7664.

Benefits of Donating