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1-800-960-SONG (7664) 24,900 children have received
a Song of Love as of 01/31/15

Jason Mraz sings a "song of love" for Christian Burns!

When Christian Burns and family filled out an
application to have a "song of love" written,

they had no idea that the man who would eventually write the song would be Grammy Award winning musician Jason Mraz. Christian, who is 13 and battling Ewing's Sarcoma, never fails to bring a smile to the faces of his family members and friends with his wild imagination and unique sense of humor. Jason Mraz, who was introduced to Songs of Love by his longtime friend Michael Natter, was so inspired by Christian that he sat down with Michael and Nancy Natter to write and record a song just for Christian. Later, he would bring on the Voices of Prayze to lend some backup vocals, and Mona Tavokoli to add percussion. Last month, Songs of Love President and Founder John Beltzer flew to California to present Christian's "song of love" in person. You can watch a video of the presentation and hear Jason Mraz's "song of love" for Christian by clicking here.