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1-800-960-SONG (7664) 24,900 children have received
a Song of Love as of 01/28/15

Songs of Love is a Hit on the David Lee Roth Radio Show!!

In 1999 David Lee Roth contacted the Songs of Love Foundation asking if he would be able to sing a song for an ailing child. We enthusiastically said yes and he went on to record a "Song of Love" for 9-year-old Ashley Abernathy who was battling leukemia. Recently John Beltzer had a chance to meet up with David again during a radio interview, in which Daveheard the Ashley Abernathy song for the first time since he recorded it back in 1999. He was pleased to learn that Ashley, now 15, had made a complete recovery.

Click here to hear the entire interview.

On a subsequent show on April 12th, David mentioned that he was asked to sing his hit song "Jump" for a private party. He said that his $10,000 fee would be donated to his favorite charity, Songs of Love!

John Beltzer (right), with David Lee Roth and 2 guests of the private party thrown by Credit Suisse.