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Car Donations - An Ideal Way of Contributing To Charity

Car donations are a wonderful way to do something useful with that old car you''ve had sitting in your backyard for what may seem like an eternity. It's hard to know what to do with an older vehicle. Who really wants it? Do you try to sell it? What will you get out of it? Will it require added expense to fix it up before you can sell it? Or, will you have to pay to just have it towed out of your sight? Donating your car to a charity solves all those problems for you with comparative ease.

Songs of Love

Songs of Love is a charity that was created in 1996 as the vision of one man who wanted to do something special for children who were dealing with traumatic stresses, whether physical, medical, or emotional. The vision that became a dream and then a reality was to write personalized songs for children with serious illnesses and/or those who were affected by traumatic events.

Music is therapeutic; it has been called medicine for the soul. This "Medicine of Music™" delivered to children around the world by this foundation has touched over 19,000 children by giving them the healing power that is a personalized song - just for them. As with most non-profit organizations, they don't have consistent funding. They are continually looking for resources to help them in their mission. Car donations are an ideal way of contributing to a worthwhile charity.

Tax Deduction

Donating a car will also enable you to take advantage of a tax incentive; you can deduct the donation from your income taxes at the end of the year. Many people find that this donation deduction can amount to more than if they had sold their car. The next question often asked is, "How much can I deduct for my donation?" A donated vehicle will allow a tax deduction of whichever amount is greater, $500.00 or the price that the charity collects for the sale of your car. In some instances, you may also ask that fair market value be used. In this case, the value would be determined by your accountant or tax specialist using approved calculation methods that are derived from the Kelly Blue Book and/or IRS Tax Guideline publications.

What Happens To The Car I Donate?

The charity organization that you donate your car to will take responsibility for selling it, and the proceeds will then go to help fund the programs and mission of that particular foundation. You should always be careful to note when choosing a car donation program that they specify how the proceeds will be used. With Songs of Love, the sale price of the car goes directly toward funding "Medicine of Music™" for children around the world.

Why Should I Donate My Car?

There are so many good reasons to provide a car for donation, the question should be why wouldn't you want to. The proceeds of the sale of your car go to help a non-profit charity whose mission is to help people. In the case of Songs of Love, the mission is to help children deal with traumatic events through a personalized and customized song. The music, song and lyrics, lifts them up and gives them hope. If you need any other reasons, try these: 1) you don't have to hassle with getting rid of your old, unwanted car; 2) you don't have to pay someone to tow it away; 3) you can reclaim the space in your yard for other things; and 4) it is tax deductible.

A car charity donation provides a wonderful opportunity to get rid of your old, used, unwanted car and at the same time, do a good deed for a charitable organization. A non-profit foundation is always struggling to find new ways of financing their programs. An organization, such as Songs of Love, offers a valuable service for children who are in desperate need of hope

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