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Charity Team Building Programs: Guaranteed to Bring in Smiles

Bring the Songs of Love Experience™ to Your Next Event!

Wish to make a positive contribution to the life of someone in need? Unlike any other program, Songs of Love Founder John Beltzer engages the audience in the live recording of a personalized song for a local sick child. People all over the country experienced the unique thrill of being a part of a live recording as everyone records their voices on the chorus of a "song of love" especially created to bring a smile to the face of a sick child. When people sing together there is a tangible feeling of unity. Not only does the child benefit by receiving a CD of a song with many voices singing on the chorus, but participants walk away having come together with a powerful purpose of lifting the spirit of a child battling a serious illness. The audience is forever connected to the child as the song becomes an everlasting keepsake for the child and family. An mp3 of the song is made available to all the participants as a keepsake of the collaborative event!

Be a part of our charity team building programs and help create personalized songs for children and teenagers going through medical, physical, or emotional challenges. We want to make a difference in the lives of the kids who really need us and our support.

A look back

It all started in 1996 when John Beltzer, President, Songs of Love Foundation, was walking down the street in his Queens, NY neighborhood. He stumbled upon the idea of writing personalized songs for seriously ill children. Since that day, the organization, under his leadership, has been bringing smiles to the faces of sick children by creating personalized songs they can call their own. The songs feature all that the kids like and are in a music genre of their choice.

Reach out to children who need a bit of sunshine in their lives

Our charity team building programs serve two very important purposes. The activities and programs offer the participants an opportunity to contribute positively to their community. At the same time, these programs are also empowering and fun.

We offer unique charity team building ideas that have the power to move the participants to tears of joy, while bringing a smile to the faces of kids who are physically unwell or in an emotional turmoil. We design the experiences to be interactive and personalized.

What sets us apart from other charity team building programs?
  • We are the only program of its kind in the world
  • We produce and record fully personalized songs
  • We engage the audience in the live recording of the songs
  • We provide a free download of the mp3 of the song everyone participated in
Be a part of charity team building events and make a positive contribution to the life of a sick child.

You can reach out to your team to participate in our unique charity team building programs designed to put a smile on the face of a very sick child. We go out of our way to create songs for children that include all their favorite activities, pets, colors, and other things. We work with a team of songwriters who are creative and are experienced in different genres of music, such as pop, R&B, rap, rock, alternative, hip-hop, and funk.

  Brian Aguilar
  Arianna Molina
  Brittany Dawson
  Mariah Walton
  Nasiir Bey
Participants not only get to take away with them an experience that they will remember forever, but the song, with all the voices added live on location, is made available for everyone via a free mp3 download.

(Click on a song to the left to hear some of the songs
we recorded with the audiences at various events.)

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