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1-800-960-SONG (7664) 24,900 children have received
a Song of Love as of 01/27/15

Ways To Help
Just a few ways to make a tax-deductible gift
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Donate to the Songs of Love Foundation and make a lasting impression on a deserving child! Of the many gifts given to children, a song is one that will last. It is something that can be played over and over again in any situation, for years to come. To see the smile on a child's face as they realize that a song is written all about them is a feeling incomparable with anything else, and the comfort that these songs bring is truly meaningful.

Songs are used as therapeutic tools in and out of hospitals!

  • During medical treatments to help alleviate fear, pain and trauma
  • On car rides to the hospital
  • During 'end of treatment' parties
  • During show & tell
  • Before bedtime
  • At family events

Donations are fully tax-deductible!

Donations of any amount will help underwrite the cost of producing a "song of love," and give this priceless gift to a child!

A donation of $250 will sponsor a "song of love!" You will get a copy of the child's song, with your name included on the CD booklet.

Organizations and companies might consider sponsoring a group of children.

4 songs = $1,000.00
10 songs=$2,500.00
20 songs=$5,000.00

For a donation of $2,500 or more (depending on travel expenses) we can engage your company or group in The Songs of Love Experience™ program.

New and Exciting ways to help!

With The Songs of Love Experience™ program, your company, organization or school can come together and support the Songs of Love Foundation. For a predetermined donation, 'Songs of Love' will come to you and record a 'Song of Love' for one very special child.

Donate your car, boar, or other items of value! Through our Children Are Receiving Songs (CARS™) program you can donate your car, boat, or truck and support the Songs of Love Foundation. Donations are fully tax-deductible, and are 100% free and easy.