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Donating A Used Car To Popular Charities

Charities, or non-profit organizations, are always in need of financial support. You can help by donating an old car. If you have a used car in your backyard that you just don't know what to do with, consider making it a donation to the charity of your choice. Many good causes exist to choose from, and most of them would be very happy to accept your donated car. Donating a used car to one of the more popular charities is beneficial in a variety of ways.

What Happens When I Donate My Car To A Charity?

When taking your car to donate, whether it is in running condition or needs to be towed, the charity will usually send someone out to pick it up. You will need to have your title ready and available. If you can't find the title, or if there is some other paperwork problem, the charity representative will be happy to help you sort it out. They are very familiar with this process.

The charity will sell your car and use the proceeds to fund their non-profit programs. Make sure you read the information about how the charity will use the proceeds from the sale. Charities should have a section in their paperwork that will specify what the money from the donated car sale will be used for.

Can I Donate A Boat or an RV?

Yes, you can donate cars, trucks, vans, boats, and RVs, as long as they are intact (i.e., have the doors and hoods, etc.)

Songs of Love

Songs of Love is a charity that was created in 1996 to help seriously ill children cope with traumatic events: medical illnesses, painful or scary treatments, and/or emotional trauma. The idea behind these Songs of Love was to personalize and customize a song, music and lyrics, for each individual child in need. The CDs on which they songs come can be played on trips in the car to the hospital, for friends, or just anytime the child needs a little spiritual life.

Music can be therapeutic and what could be better than a song designed personally for a specific child. They can have whatever type of music they prefer, whether it is pop, rap, R&B, country, rock, alternative music, etc. These songs are given to the children for free - to encourage and promote healing of their physical injuries or mental stresses.

Cancer Foundation

Unfortunately, there are so many types of diseases and illnesses that there is no shortage of charities that could use your help by donating a car. The various types of cancer, alone, are numerous. Each type has a foundation, and each foundation needs financial support to keep its programs operating to be able to help the people in need. The national need for donated cars to help raise money for these types of causes is very widespread.

Tax Deduction

A tax deduction that you can claim for your donated car is yet another incentive for your efforts. Although the deductible limits on cars to donate have changed in recent years, you can still claim either $500.00 or the price your donated car sold for, whichever is greater. In some instances, you might want to go with the fair market value. In this case, your accountant or tax specialist will look up the amount in the appropriate resources at tax time.

It really isn't much of an effort to donate a car at all - you simply call the charity of your choice and tell them you have a car to donate. They will arrange for pick-up services and even help you with the paperwork if necessary.

A long list of charities that could make use of your donated car can be found online. Donating a used car just makes good sense. It's more than that; it can provide you with an opportunity to help a charity in need and get rid of your used car at the same time.

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