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1-800-960-SONG (7664) 24,900 children have received
a Song of Love as of 01/30/15

Message from the Founder
Open message to our Songs of Love friends

Dear Friends,

Walking down the street in 1996, in my Queens, NY neighborhood, I had an idea that would allow me to give back with the talents that I had been given: to write personalized songs for seriously ill children. Immediately, I knew that I could name the organization after a song my late fraternal twin brother Julio had written two months before he died called 'Songs of Love.'

The very first 'Song of Love' I ever wrote was for 5-year-old Brittany who had cancer. I mailed out the song and two weeks later I got the call that would change my life. Brittany's mom was on the other end of the line and she told me that someone wanted to talk to me. I then heard the cutest little voice say, "Thank you for my song." After that defining moment, there was no turning back!

I believe that there is no stronger way to bring smiles to the faces of sick children than to honor them in their very own song. Children typically tend to play the CD's over and over again: they cannot believe they hear their own names and all the things they like mentioned in the songs. The enthusiasm, beauty, and spirit reflected in each song also touches the lives of family members, friends, hospital staff, and soon everyone finds themselves singing along with the music. And, the ongoing therapeutic value of each composition deeply affects not only the child but also everyone involved with the patient's struggle. The songs move beyond one event, and capture the beauty and spirit of each child as they provide lasting joy and encouragement.

Songs of Love relies upon the generosity of the public for its funding. Since we began, many people have jumped on board, and it is largely thanks to them that so many children have been given our Medicine of Music™. I hope that our story will inspire you to join our symphony of supporters. May the gift of song play throughout your lives.

A Big Hug,

John Beltzer
Songs of Love Foundation