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Make Sure The Car Donation Program You Use Is Helping Your Charity

Donating your car to charity is a noble cause. However, just as you must be careful when deciding which charities to contribute to monetarily, you must also make sure that your car donation is actually going to the cause that it is meant to. Read all the information about a particular program. Make sure the car donation program you use is helping your charity. Each charity should have a section in its mission outline specifying exactly what the funds from your used car will be for. Laws and regulations that govern non-profit organizations require that certain standards be met and so does the IRS tax law.

Car Donation Process

Charitable organizations accept donated cars to help raise funds for their very existence and to fund the programs and projects for which they were created. If you have an old car in your backyard that you don't know what to do with, or how to get rid of, this is an ideal solution. You don't have to try to sell it and you don't have to pay to have it towed away. When you donate a car to charity, most of the time, they will come pick it up and help you with any paperwork that needs to be completed. There will be no costs to you when you donate your vehicle.

If your car isn't in running condition, you can still donate it in most cases. The charity will be responsible for towing it away unless the cost of the tow and any processing fees involved are more than the vehicle is worth. Donations of vans, trucks, RVs, and boats are also generally accepted as long as the vehicle is in "whole" condition (i.e., has its hood and doors still with it). You should have a clear title ready to go when the vehicle is towed. If you don't, just tell the charity that beforehand and they will be glad to help you get the paperwork sorted out.

Songs of Love

This charitable organization puts customized songs together to help children deal with traumatic events. Music is therapeutic to an injured soul and for a child in distress, this need is great. Songs of Love mission statement states that when your donated vehicle is sold, every dollar goes directly toward helping bring what they call "Medicine of Music™" directly and solely to the children who need it. In addition, they are registered with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles so that ownership of your donated vehicle is transferred to them and, therefore, you will not be held liable for any reason related to your vehicle after it has been donated.

Tax Deduction

Combine the fact that the donation process is all about helping a worthy cause with the fact that you also get to claim it as a tax deduction on your income tax return, and you have just one more reason why donating a car is a really good idea. Your accountant or tax specialist will be able to help you with this deduction when it comes time to file your tax return.

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