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Contact Us for a One-of-a-Kind Charity Team Building Program!

Team Building Ideas for Kids: An Opportunity to Change Lives Forever!

Touch souls with the power of music, gift personalized songs to children facing physical, medical, or emotional challenges, and make a positive impact in their lives. Work with the Songs of Love Foundation and be a part of a truly interactive and unique experience that has the power to make you experience a different dimension of life.

Be a part of live recording of personalized songs for children battling with serious illnesses

Give some meaning to your next event by bringing the Songs of Love Experience within your corporate setting. Work with the Foundation to record fully personalized songs and make a sick child happy. Bond with colleagues and coworkers as you raise your collective voices, while you are recording the chorus of the songs. Come together as a team to lift the spirits of a child battling a serious disease and experience the unprecedented thrill of doing something meaningful with your time.

As part of the team building activities, we also offer an insightful and motivational address delivered by John Beltzer, CEO and Founder, Songs of Love Foundation - where he talks about how to overcome the pain that life sometimes throws upon us, and contribute towards the betterment of the world.

All our songs are written and composed by independent lyricists, professional songwriters, and talented composers in different languages and genres, including pop, country, hip-hop, etc. The lyrics include the name of the child with a reference to all the activities, things, people, and pets the child is fond of. We focus on creating beautiful songs that are performed, recorded, and delivered in a timely fashion to the children and their families who most need the same.

What makes our team building exercises for kids different than other such programs?

We help you make a positive difference in your community and guarantee a unique experience for your team of people. Opt for our team building ideas for kids and do your bit to bring in happiness and joy to ailing children. Take back the feeling of goodwill and love, as your songs make a few children feel special and cared for.

  • Contribute to alleviate the pain and trauma of children going through a rough patch in life
  • Be a part live recording of fully personalized and unique compositions
  • Learn about how to channelize a traumatic experience to something meaningful and positive
  • Connect with one another at a very humane level and form bonds that can last a lifetime
Call us for more information

Wish to find out more about how you can bring the "Songs of Love Experience" to your next event? Call us at (718) 441-4588 or drop in a mail at experience@songsoflove.org. We will get back to you with the necessary details and help you make your teambuilding exercises rewarding and successful!

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Participants not only get to take away with them an experience that they will remember forever, but the song, with all the voices added live on location, is made available for everyone via a free mp3 download.

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we recorded with the audiences at various events.)

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