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Listen to Songs of Love on Spotify! We provide personalized songs, free of charge, for children battling serious illness and lifetime disabilities.
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The Songs of Love Experience™

A Feel Good Team Building Program That Also Gives Back.

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Sing a “Song of Love”!


solexNEWJohn Beltzer has been inspiring audiences for the past 12 years by providing a truly unique team building activity that has moved many to tears of joy. As founder and president of the Songs of Love Foundation, which provides personalized songs for children facing tough medical challenges, John has been featured on programs like the Today Show, 60 Minutes, CNN, and publications like the New York Times, People and Parade magazines.

Unlike any other team building activities, The Songs of Love Experience™ engages the audience in the live recording of a fully produced personalized song for a local sick child. People from all walks of life have experienced the unprecedented thrill of being a part of a live recording as they all collectively record their voices on the chorus of song specifically created to bring a smile to the face of a sick child. When people sing together there is a real palpable feeling of unity. The bonding that takes place when everyone raises their voices in song is truly heartwarming. Not only does the child benefit by receiving a CD of a song with a swell of wonderful voices singing on the chorus, but participants walk away having come together with a powerful purpose of lifting the spirit of a child battling a serious illness. The audience is indelibly connected to the child as the song becomes an everlasting keepsake for the child and family. There are many corporate team building activities but The Songs of Love Experience™stands alone in uniquely inspiring an audience.

Ask us about our expanded Songs of Love Experience™ Songwriting program that involves participants in the writing
and production of a “song of love” as well as the group recording. This is for any company interested in at least a 2 to 3 hour workshop.

As a keynote speaking engagement, the whole unique team building experience is combined with an inspiring and motivational talk as John tells his own personal story of triumphing over the trauma of having lost his fraternal twin brother Julio to suicide at just 24 years of age. By naming the foundation Songs of Love, which is the name of the song Julio wrote just 2 months before he died, John shows that a traumatic experience can be channeled in a way that has a real positive impact on the world. Both as a team builder and motivational speaker, John has been invited by companies and organizations like Merck, Mass Mutual, Hasbro, Million Dollar Round Table, Credit Suisse and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The presentation takes listeners through the journey of self-discovery and to the eventual formation of the Songs of Love Foundation.

In the field of team building and motivational speaking, John Beltzer stands alone by giving the audience a new way to make a meaningful everlasting contribution and to connect with each other in a way that only a “song of love” can achieve.

To bring the The Songs of Love Experience™ to your next event please call 800-960-SONG
or send an email to
The entire booking fee will go to the Songs of Love Foundation.

Here’s What Some Companies Have Said About The Songs of Love Experience™:

It was a pleasure for my team to work with the Songs of Love Foundation, and record an original song on behalf of a young child, Arianna, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our team about this charitable give back event. It feels good to know that our song will truly make a difference in Arianna’s life. – Jamey Millar, Vice President, US Oncology

Your presentation is unique and moving, and you have a gift for engaging everyone in the audience. What a thrill to hear 1700 people singing Katrina’s “song of love: in unison! We all came away inspired! – Diana Ruddick, VP Communications for Mass Mutual

You and the work your organization does were a huge hit with our staff, and we loved creating our “song of love”. You helped us enter the holiday season with the right spirit, balance and perspective. – Mark Stewart, Managing Director, Omicom Media Group East

Songs of Love set the tone for the entire weekend. As we expected, the program was a home run and fit nicely with the culture of Hunt Brothers Pizza. Songs of Love presents a wonderful opportunity for companies to reinforce core values while making a significant impact on the spirit of the child. It is powerful and one of the events that stays with you for the rest of your life. – Scott Hunt, CEO Hunt Brothers Pizza

I just finished listening to our “song of love” to Patti Munoz. Hearing it nearly inspired me as much as when we recorded it in San Antonio. For my team of nearly 1000 people, the whole experience equaled the inspiration they felt when they sang a “song of love” to Izzy Vigil at last year’s meeting in Orlando. I am delighted that our South Central team has been able to bring such happiness to two wonderful children. I can assure you that we benefited as much from believing that we could be of help to them. – Michael McClintock, Vice President South Central Business Group for Merck & Co.

The Million Dollar Round Table meeting is over but its greatness will not be forgotten. Steve and I believe this meeting will be remembered as one of the finest ever held by the MDRT. Thank you for your outstanding presentation and for making the program such a success! – Stephen Rothschild, Divisional Vice President, MDRT

Bring the Songs of Love Experience to Your Next Event!