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Listen to Songs of Love on Spotify! We provide personalized songs, free of charge, for children battling serious illness and lifetime disabilities.
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Hospital Staff Advisory Board

Marion Kalbacker SW — Duke University Med. Ctr.
Susan Trout, CSW — Duke University Med. Ctr.
Kristen Johnson, CLS — Johns Hopkins Children Ctr.
Kristie Opiola, CLS — Cook Children’s Medical Ctr.
Stacey Carroll, CLS — Cook Children’s Medical Ctr.
Cathy Harrison, CLS — Children’s Hospital & Regional Med. Ctr.
Laura (Avers) Duda, MT — Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Meghan Kelly, CLS — Montefiore Medical Center
Talia Haviv, CLS — Montefiore Medical Center
Amanda Hoskins, CCLS — Montefiore Medical Center
Kim Serraro, CCLS — Montefiore Medical Center
Kristal Neal, CLC — Saint Peter’s University Hospial
Melony Xynidis, CL — Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Tina Ulanowski, CLS — Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Carrie Schmid, SW — Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Surani Guneratne, MSW — Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Elizabeth Miller, SW — Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Stephanie Fooks-Parker, SW — Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Merry Oswalt, CLS — University of MS / Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children
Lori McCullough, MSW — Children’s Hospital of Columbus
Marcia Shapiro, LSW — Children’s Hospital of Columbus
Susan Sherwood, CLS — Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Julie Holowell, CLS — Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Katie Gentry, CLS — Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Deborah Roberts, CLS — Kaiser Permanente Hospital
Marilyn Cassidy, RN — Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Alison Heffer, CLS — New York Presbyterian Hospital
Kasey Massa, CLS — Specialty Care Center of Children’s Hospital of Phil.
Sally Cress, RN — Children’s Rehabilitative Services
Jennifer Brown, CTRS, CCLS — Pitt Memorial Hospital
Ann Fogel CCLS — Hackensack University Medical Center
Jennifer Redfern CCLS — MUSC Children’s Hospital
Meagan Fonseca CTRS — Florida Children’s Hospital
Nancy Winters LSW — Pediatric Specialty Center, Lehigh Valley Hospital
Kim Sherman, SW — Kaiser Permanente of Oakland
Laura Hagerty, SW — University Medical Center of Arizona
Emily Buchanan CCLS — Sutter Memorial Hospital
Shirley Mason LCSW — Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Ellen Collins CCLS — Essential Care Hospice
Regina Burdett CCLS — Texas Children’s Hospital
Lynn Hardesty SW — Children’s National Medical Center
Lynn Davis CCLS — Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital
Eileen Kenna LSW — Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Elena Nazario SW — Children’s National Medical Center
Becki Moss CCLS — St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Jana Westlake SW — St. Francis Hospital
Penny Degoosh OSW — Vermont Children’s Hospital
Areum Min CCLS — Lutheran General Children’s Hospital
Laura Worsham RN, MACW — Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital
Michelle Miller PSW — Hospice of the Western Reserve
Kelli McManus SW — St. Mary’s (MAYO)
Holly Potoeski, CTRS — St. Mary’s Hospital for Children
Jessica Wiederholt CCLS — Kosair Children’s Hospital
Roberta Johnson CCLS — Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Sarah Durbin MSW — Kentucky Clinic
Linda Peck C.A. Therapist — New Alternatives for Children
Caley Nelson LMSW — Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Stacey Koleszar LCSW — Riley Children’s Hospital
Stacey Downing LCSW — Riley Children’s Hospital
Judy Edens, CL — Montreal Children’s Hospital
Robyn Howard-Anderson MSW — Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Beverly Lowe MSW — Children’s Hospital of Oakland
Gwen Robinson LCSW — Shands Hospital
Ashley Williams CCLS — T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital
Marinda McConnell CCLS — Niswonger Children’s Hospital
Laura McCullough CCLS — Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Miriam Burkett, MSW — Mission Hospitals, Asheville, NC
June McAtee, MSW — Children’s Hosptial of Omaha, NE
Nikki Wilke, CCLS — Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Greenvile, SC
Jennifer Brown, CTRS, CCLS — Pitt Memorial Hospital
Robin Capecci, MSW — St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
Alistair Robertson, CSW — Children’s Hospital of California
Traci Aoki, CLS — Kaiser Medical Center Sacramento
Cammie Woodward, CLS — Kaiser Medical Center Sacramento
Denise Morrissey, CCLS — Lutheran General Children’s Hospital
Emily Gotha, CLS — Lutheran General Children’s Hospital
Linda Bensing, CLS — Lutheran General Children’s Hospital
Flora Wu, CLS — Carolinas Medical Center
Susan Goode, CLD — Carolinas Medical Center
Meghan Sealy, CLS — Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital
Rhys VanDemark, CLS — DeVos Children’s Hospital
Erica Turner, CLS — University of Chicago Children’s Hospital
Heather Kinney, CLS — Virginia Commonwealth University Health Sys.
Stacy Sedlack, CCLS — St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Lisa Johnson CCLS — Children’s National Medical Center
Katie Johnson SW — Duke University Medical Center
Laura Starsoneck, CL — T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital
Hillyard, CCLS — Children’s Memorial Hospital
Wendy Shama, SW — Hospital for Sick Children (Ontario)
Priscilla Manisto, SW — SMDC – Duluth Clinic
Joli Craver, CL — Nemours Children’s Clinic
Alice Burrowes, C L Assist. —Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital @ MMC
Kathleen Nicosia, MT — Neurohealth
Cathy Cerruti, CLS — Goryeb Children’s Hospital
Amy Rapport, CCLS — NYU Hassenfeld Children’s Center
Margaret Warden RN — Children’s London Health Sciences Centre
Karel O’Brien SW — Children’s Hospital of Michigan
Joyce Kilgore-Carlin SW — Univ. of Wisconsin American Family Health Ctr.
Jen Usinger CLS — Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital
Jennifer Hudgins CLSS — St. Joseph’s Chlldren’s Hospital
Colleen Ducke CCLSS — St. Vincent’s Hospital
Cinda McDonald CCLS — Community Hospice of Texas
Kristen Brown CLS — Carolinas Medical Center
Yelena Zatulovsky LCAT, MA, MT-BC, GC-C, CCLS — Roosevelt Hospital
Leah Forster, LCSW — Primary Children’s Medical Center
Kimberly Schafer LISW — Akron Children’s Hospital
Bryan Gish LCSW — Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Carrie Kindopp CLM — Sanford Children’s Hospital
Debbie Conklin CCLS — Nebraska Medical Center
Christine Neugebauer MT — Shriner’s Burn Hospital for Children
Jan Stouffer MT — Penn State Hershey Therapy Services
Rebecca Bratcher CCLS — Sutter Memorial Hospital
Rebecca Rice CCLS — Children’s Hospital of Oakland
Rita Aery CCLS — Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Northern CA
Pam Byer SW — Children’s Medical Center, Dayton Ohio
Christina Gornati CCLS — St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Garry Werner LCSW — St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital Home Care Program
Jennifer Johnson CCLS — Sutter Memorial Hospital
Kristie Opiola CCLS — Cook Children’s Medical Center
Bernadette Brunetti SW — Broward General Medical Center
Jodi Bauers CCLS — DeVos Children’s Hospital
Lisa Mottola SW — St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Erica Smith CCLS — Children’s Medical Center, Dallas, TX
Laurie Park MT — Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at WMC
Sheila Dodds SW — Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Paula Erck CCLS — Sanford Children’s Hospital
Justine Tobin CCLS — Sanford Children’s Hospital
Kimberlee Sheppard MT — Hope Hospice and Community Services
Ellen Goldring CCLS — Hackensack University Medical Center
Betty Welsh CCLS — Pediatria Healthcare for Kids
Kelly Olson MSW — St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Kirsten Nelson MT — University of Iowa Children’s Hospital
Wendy Jensen CCLS — Sanford Children’s Specialty Clinic
Heather Hernandez CCLS — Woodhull Medical & Mental Health Center
Debie Binder CCLS — The Children’s Hospital
Cindy Barshay, CCLS — Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, OR
Lori Novitski, CCLS — Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hosp., San Antonio, TX