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Listen to Songs of Love on Spotify! We provide personalized songs, free of charge, for children battling serious illness and lifetime disabilities.
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Jaiz (Jeremy Gentile)


Soundcloud Crop - Use For Sites- Black Label Premium 1 (Facebook Artist Photo Crop)Jeremy Gentile, known under his artist name Jaiz, has had music in his blood since a very young age. His idol and inspiration growing up was his late brother Douglas who was a poet, artist, and a singer/songwriter. Following in his brother’s footsteps, Jeremy began his artistic journey with writing poetry. Poetry naturally manifested into writing song lyrics. With years of writing and recording songs in any way he possibly could, the artist Jaiz was born. Jaiz is a mixture of many elements of artistry. His artistic focus is on depth, meaning, versatility, creativity, raw passion and emotion, personal life experiences, story writing, and conscious efforts of addressing real life issues affecting people every day. He also likes to mix it up with comedy, sarcasm, wittiness, and songs representing his aura along with different parts of his personality. The goal of his music is to invoke emotion from his listeners. Emotions such as laughter, joy, sadness, or whatever the mind and heart chooses to feel. His music is organic and real rather than manufactured. Jeremy is always looking for new ways to expand his creativity and versatility. This has led him to vocal production, designing his own album covers, artist photos and merchandise, video editing and music videos, acting, directing, online marketing, and website creation. Jaiz brings you into Jeremy’s world with his music.





Achievements include:


– A combined 4,000,000+ views and growing on Reverbnation and YouTube.


– For Hip Hop: #1 ranked hip hop artist in the world.
– For all genres: #1 ranked artist for Philadelphia, PA, a top 5 artist nationally, and a top 10 artist globally.
– A featured artist on Reverbnation.

– #1 songs for the genres of hip hop, comedy, and pop rock.

– #1 song on the hip hop charts, and a Top 5 artist of all genres.


– On the stable of writers of The Songs Of Love Foundation which is such an honor and privilege.
– Featured on mixtapes, podcasts, magazines, compilation albums throughout, and numerous websites.
– Has been featured on online and national radio along with doing interviews for the corresponding radio shows.

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